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CHOICE Watch - June 30, 2021

Program Delivery Updates

Significant benefit to Canada [R205(a) – C10] and Caribbean Agricultural Liaison Officers

June 25, 2021

International Experience Canada

June 22, 2021


COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada

June 21, 2021


Call for proposals for resettlement and case management services

June 28, 2021

Express Entry Draw #194

June 24, 2021

Canadian Experience Class

Number of invitations issued: 6,000

Lowest CRS score: 357

Tie-breaking rule: February 17, 2021

Immigration News

Nearly 40% of Canadians believe country's immigration target is too high

By Kayla Butler, City News Montreal, June 28, 2021

What Indian students should know about returning to Canada

Study International, June 28, 2021

When refugees knock at our door, Canada can’t turn a blind eye

By Maureen Silcoff & Shauna Labman, Ottawa Citizen, June 28, 2021

How much more do I have to do to prove that I belong in Canada?

By Puja Bagri, The Globe and Mail, June 27, 2021

I am a Canadian citizen. Why can’t my son be a Canadian citizen, too?

By Kelsey P. Norman, The Globe and Mail, June 25



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